Dreams & Delusions…

(Overwhelmed by) Inarticulate Desire to Express

There are so many emotions
Coursing through me-
When I try
To express one,
I am wrapped up-
In another,
Then another,
An ocean of spirals,
Pulling me under-
Made from waves
Of Helices,
Tightening, Suffocating-
Indigo and violet swirls,
Coating my mind-
Our mixed screams
Personifying Pleasure,
Teasing Torture,
Drowning out my voice-
In the cackling din of darkness…



Edit: I was thinking about the images I used in this poem and wondering why I felt this extreme sense of deja vu,  and it occurred to me that I have used it before…

IMG_1426This is the cover to my jewelry design book that I painted 8-9 years ago…  This is, obviously, a simple expression of a rather complex idea.  Now I’m really fascinated, Was I subconsciously thinking about my design book while I was writing this poem?  Why has this particular image stuck with me for so long?  Trippy.


2 responses

  1. Your poems are very expressive. Good job. I, again, am sorry for your loss.

    November 5, 2015 at 5:19 am

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