Dreams & Delusions…


This hit me hard. We are all worthy of love, even when those inner voices say otherwise…


Don’t believe the lies inside your head. 

Everyone should feel loved. 

Everyone is worth love.

I have heard the voices and they are cruel and if you let them they will bully you. 

Never give up… never let go!


Your kiss sends me flying

Above natures golden leaves

Your words send me diving

Into waters full of mystery

But my heart keeps stopping

Worried I’ve flown too far

Worried I dove too deep

In the moments without a beat

I can hear the demons call

They know me by name

They mimic your voice

I don’t deserve to be happy

The voices are harsh, berating

Asking why someone could possibly

Love such a troubled soul as me

In the end I fall, in the end I drown

Because I flew too high they said

Because I dove too deep they cried

Taunting my feeble humanity

They save me from the…

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  1. January 8, 2015 at 2:03 pm

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