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The weather is getting cold…
We still haven’t gotten old
My skin is not holding heat
Though my mind feels warm and sweet
Being aware of the love we share
Keeps me warm, knowing that you’re there.
…That you still care,
That my heart is still worthy to bear…




Today my mind is thick with you
Honestly, there’s nothing I’d rather do
Than let myself drift into you,
Melt as we become one, from two.

The thought of you is too much,
I’m lost, I need to feel your touch
My love for you has become such
A massive addiction, it’s too much.

Did you know, you’re all that I crave?
Deeply seductive, drawing you in my cave
Do you remember the hearts, the souls we gave?
I need to know if I’m still the heart, the soul you crave…



Anxiety… This is how it feels, sometimes…



Infects her thoughts
Holding her hostage
Screening and erasing
Her cries for help
Riddles her with angst
Constantly chastising
Rendering her helpless
To its mindless chatter
Hijacks her emotions
Running high speed
Full throttled attack
Beating her senseless
Sends in its battalion
Of whispering ants
Surrender this day
Throw it all away
Drops crazy into place
Absorbed by her mind
And she finds her space
As darkness descends
Drapes its fog over her
And the voices stop
And the world slows
And the devil hits mute
Descends in a misty veil
Angels dressed to the nines
Blurry and out of focus
Standing just beyond
No, its upside down
Its 8mm conspiracy
Appears; a commercial break
A smooth talking salesman
Speaking like a breeze
His voice vanishing time
Opens her mouth to speak
As the salesman’s eyes
Find her…

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Thoughts, or Songs?

Some should be respected,
As well as reflected…
Some should be rejected,
As well as ejected…
All are still parts, pieces of the whole.
Echo in our hearts, sound waves of the soul…


Inner Strength/Wavelength

This world is trying to break me…
Breaking within IS breaking free.
This world can’t stop me
From being who I was meant to be…
Inside, I am burning.
This fate is still turning…
I’m at the edge once more,
Staggering, worse than before.
There is a way, my intuition
Has always been my religion.
I believe we will rise above,
As long as we don’t forget to love…
My love for you will transport me to any length.
Memories are infusing me with unnatural strength,
As we sync invisibly, on the same wavelength.


Rain and Memory

My heart is humming along
Listening to Autumn’s rain song
If loving and thinking of you is wrong
Then my road will be lonely and long…

I remember how we both love the rain
When I sit quiet, the memories flood again
The soft vulnerability of love, the agonizing pain
I’m hoping we won’t lose sight of the solace we gain…

Do you remember how we were there for each other?
How even a middle-of-the-night conversation wasn’t a bother?
…I miss the connection I’ve never had with another…


Lazy Fantasy

My mind feels rather hazy
My body is acting lazy
My heart is always crazy-
I’d like nothing more
Than to shut the door
Let clothes fall to the floor
…And cuddle, ’til it leads to more…