Dreams & Delusions…

The Thoughts Of You


The Migraine Chronicles

They come unplanned,
the thoughts of you.
They come when
I haven’t the slightest clue.

They come with a word, a song
or a face.
Today a question
was the case.

So my mind wanders
and drifts away,
my mind re-lives
the entire day.

This is often
when I go black,
when the memories
come flooding back.

When I can feel
every last little kick,
when I remember
all of it.

When I cast the blame upon myself,
because it was
you and me,
there wasn’t anyone else.

I play re-wind
over and over again.
Then I re-wind it back,
just to play it again.

The thoughts of you
come unplanned,
like a bullet wound
to my head.

I cannot grasp
the severity,
when thoughts of you
inundate me.

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