Dreams & Delusions…

Love’s Salvation

Oh, hope… I miss you.

Through the Fog poetry

Here I lay,
Body frozen, eyes fixed,
I cannot trust my heart,
Caught in the web of my own deceit…
The agony of my desire consumes me…
How can you save me?

There you stand,
Within an arm’s reach,
Calling to my heart,
But I am bound by my own fear…
I cannot break free…
How can I save you?

Glaring into the dark,
I see a faint glow,
The light of hope,
Please be the joy I have searched for…
Please release me from my pain…
How can you save us?

But, alas, the glow fades away,
Replaced by cold, gripping fear,
We are lost now in the darkness,
There is no more joy…
There is only pain with no release…
How can we save ourselves?

In a final attempt,
I reach out in the blackness,
Afraid of the emptiness I might find,
I find your hand, and grasp…

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