Dreams & Delusions…

White Wolf

I was raised to be a sheep
A part of the flock
Tragedy ripped away
Blind faith
Left me on my own
As innocence fell away
I saw sin in the shepherd’s eyes
I still gaze at the flock,
They still bleat at me
I recognize my hunger,
Raised to be a sheep,
But my inner wolf howls
When I remember the lies
Growls and snarls
When the flock knocks-
Leave me alone
Before I show you
Who I really am.
Change the subject
Before my feral desires
Take me over…
Us wolves,
We don’t want to hurt anyone
But will if we must.
There is no salve
For broken trust.
Your judgement saves no one
Leave me alone.
I believe in what has shown to be true
I refuse to blindly believe you.
Spirituality lifted my soul
When religion left my mind
I won’t feed your black hole
I have love & light to find.



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