Dreams & Delusions…


It’s funny-

Not in a humorous way,

In more of a

“Well, that’s odd.”

Sort of way…

When I let go

I never seem to fall,

I’m held by

Ideas, emotions, hopes…

I see everything I have,

And I smile…

A real, happy smile.

I see my blessings,

Tears of joy fill my eyes…

I am alive.



I want this to last…

Can I teach myself

To retract my claws,

To accept what is thrown

Down the tunnel ahead of me?

Can I learn to remember

Without pining for what is lost,

Without living in these memories?

Of course.

I only need to believe…

I feel full and complete.

I feel like me.






2 responses

  1. This is incredible! Well done.

    July 23, 2014 at 9:26 am

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