Dreams & Delusions…

Favorite Dream…

Hello, and thank you to all of my new followers… I’m slowly growing, and I’m grateful! Here’s one of my favorite pieces! 😉

Through the Fog poetry

I am dark, I am light,
glowing, ultraviolet white…
light refines my soul,
reminds me I’m still whole.

I’m burning alive
for my reason to survive,
flames incinerate my heart,
Tearing my sickness apart…

your love shows me
who I must be,
a siren in the silence,
a beacon in the violence…

I am laughing at the breeze,
as water falls from the trees,
liquid drops of golden phosphorescence,
piercing, blinding incandescence…

Temper my eyes to see,
I am yours eternally…

This is my favorite dream,
reminding me, we are more than we seem…
Please don’t let me wake,
My heart is only yours to break.

Standing in the sun,
remembering you, the one,
The heart I love, the soul I adore;
The love I’m always reaching for…

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