Dreams & Delusions…

Hold On

Those of us who have known sorrow
Hold on to happiness,
Keep it protected,
Not just to borrow…
We tie it to our hearts,
To shine through the darkness,
To comfort those we hold apart.

If I hand you my joy,
Would you run with it?
Or would you bring it back,
Smile, hold me, and sit?

I’ve known many kinds of love,
They’ve come from below or from up above,
But this doesn’t change.
Over all the years,
After all the tears,
Pushing through these fears…

Holding on
Isn’t a bad thing,
Or, so my heart tells me…
My heart loves you,
My brain hates our reality.
I want you to be happy,
To live, to love, to feel serenity.
Even if that puts you nowhere near me.
I’d wait for an eternity…
Just to see you smile…
Just to hold you for a while…




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