Dreams & Delusions…

Goodbye, 2013.

Positive light is hard to see,
When you’re in the dark.
Nowhere I need to be,
No reason to embark.

I’m trying not to let it show,
I’m missing you,
Don’t you know?
Everything I do
Falls and shatters,
Crashes on the solid ground…
You’re everything that matters,
even when you’re not around.

I feel lonely,
Out of touch.
I won’t miss 2013,
Not really, not much.

Desperate to overcome depression…
My joy cries in pain,
As I wallow in this obsession,
My nails clutching in vain,
To everything I love,
To everything I’ve lost…
My eyes searching far above,
My heart still pays the cost.

I wish you the best
In the coming year,
I hope you get some rest,
And have loved ones near.
Just know that I love you,
And that I always will.
I’ve been feeling blue,
But won’t forget you, still.


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