Dreams & Delusions…

Let Me Dream…

Dreams can be cruel.
Make me wish
Impossible scenarios
Longing for
What I will never even touch
Play vividly
In my subconscious
Like films…
Sometimes I write them down,
It’s an attempt to make them real.
It’s an aching
I don’t understand.

Dreams can be beautiful.
Make me see
What I could only imagine
What I will long for
(And every other day…)

Let me dream vividly…
Let my heart and mind open
To the Universe
And everything within
Let me love
Who and what
I can’t
When I’m awake.
Let me go
To the place
Where soul meets spirit
Where heart meets love
Where we become one.

Let me long while I’m asleep
So I don’t have to awake…
Only, when I wake,
The world seems monochrome.
Drained of color, of life…
Of you.
Dreams can be cruel.


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