Dreams & Delusions…


I am Standing at the edge of a dream,
Looking over the edge, into the part of me that no one sees…
The deep, restless waters of my soul.
There is only memories of you now,
All others have burned away,
Blown like ash from the fires within…

You thought I would forget you easily,
But oh, my love…
My memory is a book written in indelible ink.
Though the pages are stained with my blood and tears,
Your words will never fade…

I’ve forgotten how to be sane,
Torturing myself, I don’t know how to let go…
Though I know I have to find some way to get by.
This longing is tearing me apart,
Your silence only feeds my pain…

Sometimes I wish I could forget,
Maybe then I could feel whole…
But that is only a silly dream.
A delusion of one who has dreamt too long,
A little girl’s fantasy…

Blinded by my own emotion,
My heart still bleeds for you…
Innocence no longer on my side.
Nothing to save me,
I fall, defeated for now…



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