Dreams & Delusions…

Past Loves

Oh, my love, I cannot explain
This connection I share with you,
Bittersweet, and yet so subtle,
You are everything,
The master of my heart…
You are my pain,
My love,
My heaven,
And my Hell…

My soul still remembers…
Ages past,
When we were lovers,
Bonded by fate…
Our hearts were one,
And though these eons have passed,
I still feel you calling me,
Lost in the mists of time…
And oh, fate can be so cruel…
Destiny brought you back to me,
But something made you run…

For now I am frozen,
Cold and numb…
Barely breathing,
I am held captive by my lingering hope,
Someday you will return…
You will call my name once again,
And I will awaken from my dead slumber…
Once again we will fly together,
Through an endless purple sky,
And our ancient love will be rekindled…
The flame that consumes us both.


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