Dreams & Delusions…

My Emancipation

Once, I was blinded by my own delusions of what my life should be…
I was lost in duty and humility…
Doomed to live another’s life by my own choosing.
I disguised myself in a bright coat of happiness,
But deep inside I was empty… waiting…

Searching for a passion I longed to capture as my own,
Numbed from merely existing in an everlasting winter.
My heart was beating, but my soul lay dormant… waiting…

And, then, like lightning striking in an empty purple sky,
You entered my world…
And I can never be the same.

You showed me how to live, and taught me a hard lesson…
One I should have learned long ago, but was too blind to see.
Can’t you see, you saved me from myself!

You are the reason I can‘t give up, my passion for you keeps me warm…
Finally an end to this emotional winter…
My soul, no longer dormant, no longer waiting, dances in delight!

You have freed me from my own prison of self-doubt,
And I could never return this gift…
But know that my soul lives for you, and waits no longer.
I am finally complete!


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