Dreams & Delusions…

Insane, or In Love?

I have been searching for too long,
I am giving up this wild goose chase…
I have stopped trying,
I have stopped pleading,
But still this longing haunts me…
I cannot shake these memories of you,
Such a strange kind of love…
Sometimes it’s like you are here with me…
And the other night,
An unfamiliar voice softly called my name…
But I was not frightened,
Could it have been you?
Or just another dream,
Another damn delusion?
And when my mind wanders to you,
I struggle to cover it up,
And my inner voice tells me,
“that’s it, Antanya… lock it away…”
And though I try with all my might to block it out,
Your venom seeps through steel…
You have burned away my pain,
I only want to thank you,
And maybe do the same for you…
But this is not real anymore,
It’s a one-way journey to insanity…
So if you have already let it go,
Show me how to do the same…
And if you haven’t,
Give me some sign that says you still care…
For I need some validation,
To let me know I’m not insane…
Or to assure me that I am…


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