Dreams & Delusions…

False Impression

Beauty is an illusion…
Unspoiled and frail,
On the surface…
I’ve always been the beautiful one,
A porcelain reflection of what could be.

Cold and unforgiving,
Expecting and pressuring,
Beneath it all…
A choking, dying winter.

Innocence is a façade…
Pure and Unknowing,
To another’s eye…
I’ve always been the innocent one,
A pale remembrance of what should be.

Crumbling and sinful,
Broken and departed…
Behind the scenes…
A searing, scorching flame.

Hate is comfortable…
Retribution and payback,
The easy road…
I’ve never been the hateful one,
A lover of the pain.

Diseased and infected,
Pitiful and misused,
The eternal excuse…
An unhealed wound.

Love is a struggle…
Beautiful and innocent,
A smooth, pale face…
I’ve always been the loving one…
A messenger from above.

Torn and twisted,
Used and abandoned,
The hardest path…
An endless obsession.


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