Dreams & Delusions…

End of Fear, Beginning of Life

Battered by my own mistakes,
Tormented by my own treason,
There is no more time…
For your love,
For your deception,
For your lies…

Where once
Was passionate flame,
Shining in the night…
There is now
A smooth, cold wall,
Glimmering onyx…
Though I still feel you behind it,
You no longer light my path.

And when I turn around…
I realize,
There was a flame behind me all along,
Keeping me warm,
Keeping me alive,
Even when I had forgotten…

True happiness lay concealed
Warm arms ready to caress my fragile soul…
So I run back,
And take what is rightfully mine,
My only real passion,
And soon to be…
My new name.


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