Dreams & Delusions…


Today I can’t help but feel a little down,
These emotions taunting me to drown…
Reaching for positivity.
Needing some creativity.
Feeling moments slipping like sand,
Soft, yet so damaging to my hand.

Even as I close my fingers,
I Dare to ask.
Where has hope gone?

Tomorrow may be a little better.
I’ll write myself a dismissive letter,
A document I’ll never send,
Because this has to have an end…

Why am I feeling this way?
Breaking down, to my dismay…
I’m trying hard to understand
Why my heart is in your hand.

I can’t find a decent answer,
No cure for this mental cancer.
Feeling more than a little lost,
My soul can’t stand to pay the cost.

Even as I choke out the words,
I dare to ask,
Where have I gone?

What have I done?


2 responses

  1. True poem from the heart, it’s touching!

    August 12, 2011 at 7:27 pm

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