Dreams & Delusions…


There is a girl running
darkly beautiful, but glowing within
her feet are bare
grinding into rocks, bits of glass
the horizon closing quickly
she has little time
she’s so close, five more steps…


She blinks her eyes.

Flicker, Flicker.

There is a girl dancing
brightly beautiful, but hurting within
her feet are bare
bloody and ragged
she is dancing a sword’s edge
her feet are slippery, she is tired
but to fall now would be a blight to what’s right.
She carries on in her gruesome task.


She slips momentarily.


There is a girl living
painfully beautiful, but content within
her life is meaningful
full of love and honor
she is shining again
her dreams give her new hope
though she remembers darker days,
determined not to repeat those yesterdays…


2 responses

  1. ~ dancing a sword’s edge~ . . . aren’t We All . . . well done

    August 16, 2011 at 9:41 am

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