Dreams & Delusions…


There once was a woman,
So hurt by her past,
So hopeless for her future…

She made more mistakes
Than she could count,
And only hurt herself
In the process.

She gave up on light
She gave up on life

She laid on the floor,
Covered in her own tears…
Streaming from her eyes,
Rolling off her lips…
A salty purging of despair.

She cried out loud,
Though no one could hear
Through the stone prison
She created within herself.

She grew weary
Of her own loneliness,
And found her inner flame
Though close to cold,
Was still a flicker
Inside of her.

She blew all her hopes,
All her dreams,
All her being,
Into that flame…
And she was alight.

She burned the walls around her,
Broke the stone
With her own wailing,
Broke her silence,
And stepped out
Into the morning sun.



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